Lilac Studio UI systems is tiny but powerful UI kit that not only gives you screens and styles, but nested components that can be easily interchangable and scalable across various screens.
Quick Change Style Guide: All your text and color swatches are here for quick editing. Update your primary color palette or font families and watch as components update themselves. Over 50 High Fidelity Screens Across 8 Categories: Blogs and Articles, Commerce, Profile Pages and much more, this Kit is jam packed with various screens to get your creative juices flowing. Made for iPhone 8 and ios11. Every component and layout is designed to take advantage of Apple design principles, including larger headers, full screen images, and more. Normal artboard size is 375×667. Hundreds of Component Combinations: From lists to cards, to color blocks, Lilac Studio includes various ways to showcase your content and imagery. Resizing Quality within Sketch: Components utilize the native resize feature to adjust and reposition based on screen size.


  • 50+ iOS in 8 Categories
  • Style Guide for Typography & Color
  • Designed for iPhone 8 (375x667px)
  • Scalable Components
  • Nested Symbols and Styling Overrides
  • Compatible with Sketch

Compatibility: Sketch App
File size: 1.1 GB in 1 File

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