The Bold line icons contain 1280 icons with 62 icon sets with upcoming‚Äč free updates. Focused on maximizing the metaphors by minimizing the visual symbols. They are perfect for both user interface design and storytelling. The Bold line icons are Gender and race neutral. Stereotype‚Äč avatars have both have male and female variations. Designed with 24×24 grid to fit both user interface and storytelling purposes. Searching through icons have never been this easy and fast. Each icon name has keywords on it. All you have to do is type your keyword on file browser and search for it. Crafted with a superior level of attention to detail and quality. Clean elements and strong metaphors. Responsive vector files. Separated into files for the web, Ios, and Android. Fast and easy search from the file browser.


  • 1280 Icons
  • 62 Icon sets
  • 24×24 pixel matrix (48x48px)
  • Editable stroke vector icons
  • Individual icon files & icon sets
  • SVG, PNG, JPG files

Filesize: 84.3 MB in 1 File

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