UI8 is proud to introduce to you the next inevitable step in evolution. EVOLVE is a fresh and modern high quality mobile iOS UI Kit meant to bring your next application to a stunning place no other apps have been before. EVOLVE covers 5 essential categories; Activities is perfect for your statistics & tools, Ecommerce allows you sell your premium goods, Feed which includes the main pages for your social app, Profile so that your potential users may add personal information, and of course Sign Ups so that accounts may be created. EVOLVE includes 30 iOS screen templates with unique icons and vector shapes to set your next mobile app apart from the stone ages. EVOLVE is compatible with Sketch & Photoshop!


  • 30 iOS screens
  • 150+ UI elements
  • 5 Categories
  • Polished modern premium style
  • Unique icons & vector shapes
  • Compatible with Sketch & Photoshop

Compatibility: Sketch App, Photoshop
Filesize: 219.5 MB in 2 Files

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