14 in 1 | PRO Presentation Pack is a trending and multi-purpose pack perfect for bloggers, fashion, design, music, restaurant, studios, marketing, architecture and modern businesses. Each templates and graphics has its unique style. Create and promote your products with ease.

If you want to craft designs that are unequaled in originality, you need standout resources to get you started. Everything here is geared to make your creative life faster and easier. PLEASE NOTE: 9000+ Vector Icons Pack is provided upon request.


  • 1700+ Awesome slides included
  • Redeemable bonus of 9000+ Vector Icons
  • 88% OFF regular price of $240
  • Unique and Professional Presentations
  • Quality over quantity
  • Compatible with PowerPoint & Keynote

Compatibility: PowerPoint & Keynote
File size: 350.0 MB in 1 File

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